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Top 2 Real….Real Estate Books. All Content No B.S. for Investors

Sorry, these books will not have the word “Millionaire” or the phrase “Getting Rich” in the title. There will be no Ferraris and/or a guy with slick hair and really white teeth on the cover.  These books, that were so formative to my career, both came out of academia (insert vomiting sound here). I know that sounds boring and expensive, however I bought them used off Amazon for under 10 bucks and the reality of it is – Gimmicks don’t work and CONTENT CREATES KNOWLEDGE WHICH CREATES WEALTH. These two books have stuck with me long after the get rich quick schemes and the binders of crap from the courses I attended went into the basement. These are my top 2 books that helped me build RE360, become the largest home buyer in Pittsburgh, PA, and grow a residential real estate portfolio worth $40 million and growing….

Without further ado, here are the two books:

THE REAL ESTATE GAME by William Poorvu

This book covers all the important aspects of the “Deal.” It is heavy on analyzing deals both residential and commercial. Some of the case studies are a little bigger than buying your first single family investment property, but if you train yourself to think like the big boys of real estate investment then you will dominate other less educated investors who are busy learning from infomercial training programs. Caution: If you need happy go lucky motivation and BS stories of getting rich overnight, disregard and immediately  google “Millionaire Overnight who has a Ferrari – buy this course NOW for $9,999!!! Limited space available!!!”  This is a joke but it will be interesting to see what DB comes up.

The Real Estate Game: The Intelligent Guide To Decisionmaking And Investment
by William J. Poorvu et al.


REAL ESTATE FUNDAMENTALS by Wade Gaddy, Jr. and Robert Hart

It’s a text book which I am pretty sure is written by robots. It is on the 12th edition or greater and is used in just about every MBA Real estate course across the country since 1980. Yeah I get it, I have an MBA and it is worthless, but my MBA program didn’t offer a real estate course, so I just bought this book online. This book covers everything and goes into the boring/lame details of transactional real estate, the law, the flow of capital, analyzing, and on and on. But NEWSFLASH: If you’re doing deals you need to know these things so you don’t get duped by an agent, attorney, or other A-words (like A-H@1es) who are trying to take your money on every deal you do. TIP: buy the last edition instead of buying the new one (ex. 11th edition instead of the 12th) for a lot less money.  It’s about the same content for 10% of the cost.

Real Estate Fundamentals, 9th Edition
by Wade E. Gaddy Jr. et al.


These books helped me build my business, which in turn made me a lot of money. BUT the knowledge and hustle always comes before the money. So expand your mind and your bank account will follow. Let me know your thoughts and books that have helped your RE investment growth and share this with other like-minded, knowledge hungry investors. 

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