Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents!

Real estate agents do a really horrible job at social media!! Here are a few tips to get better!

The top three platforms to use as an agent are LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

1. LinkedIn – Amazing tool that’s totally under utilized in the real estate industry. Many people don’t realize you can change the title of your job to display what you want to do. Instead of putting that you own a company or that you’re an agent, write “I want to sell your home!” “I’m the best real estate agent around. Let’s talk!” What’s really interesting is that not just the people who visit your profile, but when YOU visit other peoples’ profiles, they’re going to see your picture and your description (as long as your profile is set to public). So just remember to add that call to action to your job description!

2. Instagram – It’s a millennial’s dream! People love it and even check instagram accounts before they check websites nowadays. Websites are always breaking, have wonky navigation, and many people don’t set them up right. Instagram is simple, familiar, and uniform. When you want to rent or sell a house, create a new account for each one! This keeps them uniform and easy to view. Also, be sure to get a simple point and click camera instead of using your iPhone for these pictures! The slightest bit of tweaking and editing on pictures taken with a dedicated camera will turn out a million times better than bad cell phone pictures. Also check out CANVA! ( It’s a great, free tool to help with graphic design and really make your account stand out!

3. Facebook – The big, big, big platform that everyone knows! What I love about Facebook is that you can target your audience very specifically. When you want to rent or sell your house, you have so many options as to who should see your posts! This allows you leave out the demographics that may not want the specific properties you have available, and get them seen by the people who do want them!

Use these social media platforms in these ways to boost your sales and really get your business moving!

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