How to Spot a Fake!

This will be a short and not so sweet post to see through the BS of people selling a story with no evidence to back it up. As the real estate market heats up the the fake “investors” start selling consulting courses for high dollars with high pressure sales tactics or made up stories of success. So here it is, the 2 word answer to save you from the course hustlers.

GOOGLE IT! If someone is “lighting it up” in their hometown, something has to come up about them. Not to sound Douchey with a capital “D”, but google me and Pittsburgh. I come up. For better or for worse I am out there because I have accomplished something.

Now some BS hustlers will be successful and come up ala Armadilo Montelago (purposely misspelled to represent my feelings of his douchey-ness) so google who is actually teaching you and selling you the game. It is usually some hired salesman who is taught to “teach” aka step sell the course and get you to swipe your credit card.

So in Summary: Google it, Don’t overpay for get rich quick schemes from fake investors. Instead, just go online and read and listen to podcasts, go to youtube and see everything for free or read a book #groundbreakingwisdom. Save the Money and avoid the BS.


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