Gurus love to talk about reading a book a day, but ain’t nobody got time for that! However, I do have a hack to get through just as much information and retain just as much knowledge everyday!

Sitting down and reading a book everyday would be nice, but I have a full time gig building businesses, three kids at home, and a lot of things happening in my life where that time allocation is just not there. I DO spend a lot of time in my car, though – going property to property, getting to work, etc.

So I use the Audible app on my phone to download books. The Audible app allows me to listen while I drive. There’s more to this hack than just listening, though!

Currently, I’m working through the 10X Rule by Grant Cardone. It has a lot of great information, but my commute time just isn’t long enough to accommodate the 7+ hour long book! What I do to combat this is I put the recording on 2x speed to get it moving faster. It may sound a little silly, but you can still get the information and retain the knowledge.

The next thing I do is I take my bookmarks and take notes on each chapter. Once I get the underlying point of the chapter, I then skip ahead in 30 second intervals until I hear something new. If it’s the same point repeated over and over, I skip to the next chapter and do it all again. This allows me to get through a 7 hour book in just about an hour and twenty minutes.

Even if I had the time, I’m actually a pretty slow reader. So I recommend this hack even if you DO have the time! You can get all the information you need in a fraction of the time, and time is money!!!

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