Keeping old materials from past projects is a great way to add flare to your new projects! I’m going to give you my top five reclaimed materials that I like to use to spice things up a bit!

1. Old doors – We use old doors to build walls, desks, or to put in a new project to give it that extra old world flare.

2. Scrap Metal – tin ceiling scraps are great to use as an accent or to reapply to a ceiling at a new project. We also use corrugated metal to laminate over old, ugly bars or to fill in where old windows were to give the exterior of our projects that extra “pop”.

3. Reclaimed Wood – I use this all the time! I’ve used it to to build an old bar, build a desk, and frame an entire wall!

4. Plumbing Fixtures – Clawfoot tubs, old sinks, etc. can be used as planters and add a really nice splash of color outside!

5. Stained-glass windows – Usually, they’re broken or poorly insulated causing them to be removed. HOWEVER, you can hang them over a newer, more boring window to make it look great and unique. Alternatively, sometimes stained glass just looks great hung on the wall.

Using these materials can be a lot of fun and add a lot of visual value to your projects to get them to sell quickly. Just remember, we’re investors, not designers. Our job is to get in, fix up, and sell off. Don’t spend too much time or money on these projects, or else you could find yourself in a pretty deep financial hole!

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