real estate clean outs

Real Estate Clean Outs

Keep these tips in mind during your next real estate clean out!

#AskProfJoeyC Episode 24

To Keep or Not to Keep Materials During Real Estate Clean Outs!

As investment property owners, we are always trying to save money. Many new investors ask me whether or not they should salvage materials out of old houses during real estate clean outs. Sometimes the answer is yes, but usually it isn’t a good idea.

You end up taking these materials that you aren’t using on that job, moving them to a warehouse (or paid storage facility or your own garage), moving them over and over again, and then throwing them out. All of this moving around costs a lot of money and time, which you could be using to make progress on another deal.

ALSO, taking old materials and putting them into a nice, new, fresh house may not get the best resale value. Generally, when renovating, you save what’s still good and get rid of the rest. If the materials weren’t good enough for the house they came from, they’re probably not good enough for the house you’re working on now.

We usually throw them out or donate them to your local used building material store. In Pittsburgh, we have Construction Junction for clean outs. It’s a great place with tons of cool, old fixtures, furniture, and materials. Often, we can find things there to add flare to a certain project, but we never go there to buy a whole job’s worth of items. Check them out if you’re even in the Burgh!

You can salvage some things for other properties, but do this sparingly or you’ll end up with a whole warehouse full of junk that will cost you a ton of money to get rid of!

If you have any questions about real estate clean outs, give us a shout and we will answer on the next episode of #askprofjoeyc.

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