the secret of selling

Secret of Selling

Selling a house can be confusing! Where do you advertise houses to sell or rent if you don’t have a realtor?

Great resources we use are Zillow, Trulia, and Craigslist. Also, don’t forget about Facebook! Especially the real estate heavy groups. They work great for wholesaling or selling a great property to an investor.

When you’re selling or flipping houses to an owner-occupant, the best way, hands down, is hiring a real estate agent. The agent is going to get you more money than you trying to sell it yourself. That’s a fact! The difference in 2015 was a selling price of $208,000 when sold by an owner compared to $235,000 if you’re assisted by a real estate agent. That’s 13% higher, which is a lotta dough! So outsource your sales to a real estate professional and get more money AND it’s one less thing that you have to do.

An extra tip is to just go get your real estate license! It’s 60 hours of coursework, a couple tests, and then you’re a licensed real estate agent! Every time you buy or sell a house, you’ll make those points and percentages which can add up to $1000’s per transaction!

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