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Top five plants for investment property landscaping

In your next investment property landscaping design use these five plants and follow our tips for an even better return.

#AskProfJoeyC Episode 24

I’m a big believer in salvaging landscaping when you buy a house.

Plants are very costly when you buy them full-grown, or they take forever to grow if you buy them when they’re young. When you’re flipping a house you have to be aware that when you buy new plants, they aren’t going to grow in a few months – sometimes they can take entire seasons to become appealing. Instead, I recommend working with what you already have! If there is existing landscaping on your investment property, pick a good time of the year, either late fall or early spring to cut them back and let them grow into the season that you’re going to sell in (Summer). If you rip the plants out and you start with tiny little plants that you buy from your local landscaping supply store or nursery, they’re going to take a ton of time to grow, and they’re not going to look appealing for your buyer come summertime.

If the existing landscaping is not able to be saved, there are still a few plants that can help you out and not break the bank. A decent sized bush can cost 50-100 dollars, so doing an entire landscaping plan on your flip can be very costly. Instead, I recommend these 5 investor-friends plants!

Investment Property Landscaping Plants

1. The Hosta
2. The Arborvitae
3. The Boxwood
4. Ornamental grasses
5. Rhododendrons

All of these plants are affordable, don’t take too long to grow, and look great! Use these to either redo your investment property landscaping on your next¬†flip or to supplement what’s already there. Curb appeal is what gets people in the door, so don’t ignore landscaping and miss out on potential customers!

If you have any questions about investment property landscaping, please ask and we’ll answer on the next episode of #askprofjoeyc.

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